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Hearing Testing
We offer adult and child hearing tests that range from free hearing screenings to diagnostic evaluations.  We also provide annual industrial tests and military evaluations.  Tests are performed in sound booths with calibrated equipment.
Logan and Brigham Hearing Zone Services

Hearing Aid Service
Hearing aid service at Hearing Zone includes cleaning, computerized adjustment, troubleshooting and repair.  
Hearing Aid Selection 
The hearing aid selection process is started after a hearing test has been performed and your needs have been discussed.  Hearing Zone has many brands and styles available.  We offer a 40-day trial period. 
Medical Referrals
Audiologists are trained to recognize when a person needs to see a medical specialist.  Reasons for  a medical referral include sudden change in hearing, unilateral hearing loss, pain, drainage, dizziness, foreign objects in the ear canal, etc.  
Excessive wax in the ear canals can interfere with hearing and hearing aid use.  We perform wax removal in our offices.     
Wax removal